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What is the point of AVPCA

The AVPCA has been born from the need of leading valet parking contractors at Gatwick Airport desiring to have a common voice that would allow then to promote various important matters including:

  • Fit and proper ownership of parking suppliers
  • Liaison with Gatwick Airport
  • Working towards accreditation by Gatwick Airport
  • Bringing regulation to valet parking
  • Fit and proper staff with CRB checks
  • Liaison with local Police
  • Consultation with local Council bodies
  • Relations with other accredited bodies
  • Measuring public opinion
  • Surveying our customers
  • Time served businesses that are committed to customers
  • Promoting best practice and raising standards

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The association was formed in Spring 2011 and works weekly to evolve its own presence and create consumer awareness of the work being done by the AVPCA, further to promote the contractors who have met and or exceeded the membership criteria proving that they as companies are well established and well run.

The association has been formed party as a result of the unprecedented increase in new contractors who offer discounted services from web sites which give the appearance of well established and reliable companies, but unfortunately are often run and operated from unlicensed or inappropriate premises, by unqualified and uninsured individuals who have little interest in long term customer relationships.

The members of the AVPCA believe they can work with Gatwick Airport and the local valet parking suppliers to improve the service and the quality of the contractors supplying that same service, by the mere existence of all AVPCA members for an uninterrupted business period of 5 years or more we are able to rest assured that the owners of these businesses are committed to the long term good of their industry.

The mantra of the AVPCA is not to stop new suppliers entering the market place … but is to ensure public awareness creates a market force which demands new suppliers meet the same high standards as the existing suppliers strive to create and that we all know our customers would expect.

The AVPCA is open to local Trading Standards officials and to the input from customers and contractors alike in the common goal to create a standard of valet parking service that is acceptable to all customers and respectful of common courtesies.

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