Protecting customers against rogue airport parking firms and bad practices in airport parking.

AVPCA and Police Liaison

Liaisons between AVPCA and the police have resulted in anti-terrorism training being provided for the employees of all AVPCA members.

Staff from AVPCA member companies receive anti-terrorist training to make them aware of the types of potential threats and terrorist activities airports could be subjected to.

Anti-terrorism Training

Help Me Park drivers

Drivers from Help Me Park undertaking anti terrorist training

Initial anti-terrorism training for AVPCA members was provided by PCSO, John Chisholm, who, on behalf of the Gatwick External Neighbourhood Policing Team, gave four presentations over a period of two days. Staff were informed of ways in which terrorist attacks could happen and what to do should an incident happen.

By making staff operating at the airport aware of ways in which the airport and airlines could be threatened, Gatwick increases the numbers of ears and eyes available to spot potential threats and helps to reinforce the security of the airport, its passengers and employees.

Project Griffin Training Days

Project Griffin is a nationwide police initiative aimed at protecting communities, cities and airports from the threat of terrorism.

The Project Griffin team at Gatwick Airport brings together airport security, the police, local businesses and employees of Gatwick-based companies to increase awareness and help prevent terrorist attacks at Gatwick.

Staff from AVPCA member companies: ABC Gatwick, Ace Parking, Airport Meet and Greet, Gatwick Green (Eco) Parking, Help Me Park, Maple Manor Parking, MGP Heathrow and Tudor Rose have all taken part in Project Griffin training days.

During the training days several key speakers, including Sussex Police Counter Terrorist Intelligence Unit, shared knowledge on the work of Special Branch, hostile reconnaissance, suicide bombers, terrorism, crime and local intelligence at a greater level to provide an increased knowledge and understanding of possible terrorist behaviour.

The Project Griffin training equips participants with a greater degree of knowledge on terrorism to help identify potential threats and also creates a greater sense of community by encouraging staff to be more vigilant, giving them an increased sense of responsibility towards the safety and security of the airport and everyone who uses it.

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