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Where is your car

It is 3 am, it is cold, where is your car ?

In spring 2011 there have been countless cases of returning customers stranded at Gatwick without their car, simply because the cheap valet parking supplier they had chosen had not retained sufficient funds to pay their staff, who as it transpires had packed up and gone home.

Now that in itself is not great, but when you realise that your supplier does not publish any address details for office, parking facility or have a landline contact… then what can you do?

In this day and age all customers would like to be reassured that the above would not happen to them, but this has been a real problem this year at Gatwick.

But rest assured if you chose an AVPCA member you will be choosing an established and secure supplier

Valet parking is undoubtedly the most convenient way to park at Gatwick and represents great value for money, but be aware that not all contractors are the same, chose and AVPCA suppler for real peace of mind.

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