Protecting customers against rogue airport parking firms and bad practices in airport parking.

VAT Registration

Make sure your chosen supplier is Vat registered

Many start up companies are created each year, but they don’t play fair!

When we consider that the price you see on a members web site is the price you will pay we must not forget that this price will include Vat at the current rate.

Many new start up companies are formed each year at Gatwick and quickly cease trading after a busy summer period, thus avoiding Vat registration, income tax, corporation tax.

These new companies are effectively stealing from the treasury and acting unlawfully… it is not hard to extrapolate this behavior across these businesses who will be using uninsured drivers, with no uniform, no ID, no training, no CRB checks and parking in unlicensed and unsecured sites. They will disappear and be reborn again under a new guise…

lets just hope your car did not disappear with them !!

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